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Is being a woman curse ?

Whoever thinks justice pays tribute to NIRBHAYA, he/she is living in an illusionary world. A real tribute would be paid to NIRBHAYA when this world, especially India will create an environment where every girl child, every young girl and every woman would be safe. It’s because NIRBHAYA wasn’t just a girl. She was representing the entire female community. Lakhs of girls/females got raped before the incident of 16th December 2012. But nothing changed. Thereafter ” Jyoti ” later named as NIRBHAYA by people got brutally raped by seven people. Then also, nothing changed. Even after this heinous incident, lakhs of girls/females were raped and still, the number is on the way towards touching the sky. And still, nothing had changed except the increasing number of rape crimes. If you really want to get to the answer for this question – ” Is being a woman curse ? ” do watch the video shown below completely.

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