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Please do share this post to everyone if you like it and follow my blog for such further posts.


Whoever thinks justice pays tribute to NIRBHAYA, he/she is living in an illusionary world. A real tribute would be paid to NIRBHAYA when this world, especially India will create an environment where every girl child, every young girl and every woman would be safe. It’s because NIRBHAYA wasn’t just a girl. She was representing the entire female community. Lakhs of girls/females got raped before the incident of 16th December 2012. But nothing changed. Thereafter ” Jyoti ” later named as NIRBHAYA by people got brutally raped by seven people. Then also, nothing changed. Even after this heinous incident, lakhs of girls/females were raped and still, the number is on the way towards touching the sky. And still, nothing had changed except the increasing number of rape crimes. If you really want to get to the answer for this question – ” Is being a woman curse ? ” do watch the video shown below completely.

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“GANGRAPE” OF A 8-YEAR OLD GIRL NAMED “ASIFA BANO” – A Black Week for India ( 10th Jan 2018 – 17th Jan 2018 )

The man named Vishnu who had passed such a sarcastic and disgusting comment on ” ASIFA ” ( the 8- year old victim of KATHUA GANG RAPE ).Vishnu, referring to the 8-year-old girl had said that it was “good that she was killed at this age itself. Else, she would have grown up and returned throwing bombs in India”.

The Parents of ” ASIFA ”

This is the first time that I don’t want to say anything except this –

Today, I ashamed to be the part of this country. I just want to ask God that why he has given me this life ? To see this world which is full of devils !!

I will pray to God that if I have done anything good in my life then in return of that, I request you never send any girl on this earth because from today onwards, I won’t be able to see any girl going through such extreme painful and heinous phase. Or Else, I request you to take me with you because I don’t want to live in this dirty world anymore.

These boys/ men will not let the girls/ women to live their life peacefully and happily. In ancient history, the human beings were earlier monkeys. It takes centuries to transform them into human beings.

Itne saalo ke Baad Zaanwar se Insaan banaya tha Kudrat ne, Lekin lagta hai itne saalo mein bhi ye Zaanwar sirf aur sirf bahar se hi Insaan ban paaya hai, andar se to ye aaj bhi Zaanwar hi hai. Jo Zaanwar hote hai woh bhi inn insaani rupi Zaanwar se laakh Guna acche hote hai, unke sine mein insaano ke liye pyaar hota hai.

Uss bacchi Ko ghoro se bahut pyar tha. Itne samay se woh bachhi ghoro ke saath khelti, unke saath Rehti, unhe Paani pilaane Nadi taq le jati, Zaanwar hone ke bawjud inn ghoro ne kabhi uss bachhi Ko chot nahi pahuchaya, Lekin dekho jis din kuchh insaani rupi Zaanwar ki Nazar uss bachhi par padi, unhone apni zaat dikha di. Itne saal lag gaye Zaanwar se Insaan ka sharir paane me, ab hazaar saal aur bhi Laga doge tab bhi insaani rupi Zaanwar hi rahoge. ” Zaanwar ke Zaanwar hi rahoge “. Yaad rakhna meri baat.

It’s a small tribute from my side to my lovely darling ” ASIFA “.

Please do share your views regarding such a heinous crime happened with one of my sweetheart as well as share this post to everyone so that you can contribute few seconds from your busy schedules in this fight for ” ASIFA BANO “.